Seamless Rain Gutter Installation in Yamhill, Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Washington, Multnomah and surrounding counties.

Frequently Asked Questions

We fabricate and install 5k and 6k seamless or continuous raingutters on residential homes, shops/sheds and barns, and other structures. And then we can install gutterguards. Remove and recycle old gutters. We can also clean your gutters. Elevation West offers fasica board repair or replacement. If you have something specific related to gutters or downspouts we can advise you on recommendations.

We can give you a ballpark estimate based on the information you provide to us. This works well for smaller projects. Photos sent by email or text are preferred. The best way to get an accurate figure is to show up to your project location as the esimates are free.

Yes! Overflowing downspouts are common and its usually an easy fix. You may need your gutters cleaned, larger gutters installed, or new downspouts installed. Your in ground drain may need replaced or repaired.

Yes we can. We remove and recycle your old gutters.

We offer 5” and 6” raingutters with coupled with the proper sized downspouts. We can get you the right size for your gutter needs.

Yes. We also have a partners in the trade that we can also recommend. We identify and repair leaks and water flow issues.

Yes, we carry Leafblaster Pro, it’s a mesh gutter guard for your specific size gutter wether its 5k or 6k. We also offer a gutter cover/protector for the fascia style gutter. These covers proivde an industry leading protection from leaves, pine cones, pine needles, and other miscellaneous debris.

The gutters are fabricated on-site through a machine from roll-coiled metal cut to length for proper fit.

Seamless and contiunous or are used synonomously. When its formed on-site it runs through a machine to the proper length and then fitted and fastened. These are not sections that are put together to make one length.

Our inside and outside corners, also called miters, are hand cut and fastened with rivets for a secure and clean look. We use the same color rivet as your rain gutter.

We use hidden lag fasteners every two feet or where there is a solid piece of wood. A solid piece of wood includes fascia or rafter tails. We can typically find the rafter tail that have fascia attached to ensure our lag bolts from our hidden fasteners do not protrude through the back.

We offer 30 plus colors also found in the gutter guide. We also carry a color fan to for a perfect match or very close match. You can learn more about them in our Gutter Guide.

The bulk of our gutters are made from aluminum. The aluminum will not rust and is a widely used metal for residential gutters in this region. We also offer steel gutters at your special request.

We are not currently installing copperrain gutters. However, we do carry an aluminum rain gutter and downspout color that we can install. We are also gathering information from our supplier related to solid copper and the installation options for you the customer.

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